2016 Pinot Gris

On the Label

Grown on our family estate, one of the most sublime sites on the Naramata Bench, our Pinot Gris is evocative of pears poached with ginger & cloves, sun-warmed apricots, lime zest, mint & honeysuckle blossom.

Vineyard Notes

This wine is exclusively made from grapes grown on our family estate, planted in 2008. Our vines benefit from ideal south-west exposure, great airflow, a lovely, heat-retaining rock face at their backs, and soil that is soil in name only: it is in fact largely sand and gravel, with the occasional boulder for emphasis. While the vines enjoy a glorious view of Lake Okanagan, they are kept in check by being watered only sparingly, keeping the clusters compact generating extremely concentrated flavours. The vines are also tenderly serenaded in French when we feel they need a little love.

Winemaking Notes

Our Pinot Gris was picked by a very good looking crew on October 1st, 2016. Harvested at a sensible 23.2 degrees Brix, this wine was divvied up and fermented with three different strains of yeast in stainless steel tanks over a period of about a month. The happy result was one juice peachy-apricot tank, one stony-limey-herbal tank, and finally, that heavenly pear-almond-spice situation that always takes the lead in our Pinot Gris. Once blended back together, the wine was left to mature before bottling at the end of March 2017.

Production: 108 cases

$19.04 (+ tax & deposit)

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