Why “Forgotten Hill”?

Forgotten Hill was once just that: another all-but-forgotten hill overlooking Naramata. It was owned by a logging company, but even they no longer made use of the land. Through a few twists of fate, it came into our family’s possession. Once we started looking into the property and its history, we found that it was even more forgotten than we could have imagined. Any inquiry into weather data, soil composition – information readily available for plots of land all over the Okanagan Valley – led to a blank space on the map. Sitting right on the other side of the KVR Trail, the property was uncharted, unrecognised, and utterly unknown to most everyone. In fact, most were completely unaware that the land had been in private hands since the early 1920’s.

For years we were met with a blank stare when we told people where we had built first a cottage, then a vineyard, then a home and a B&B. Fortunately for us, what everyone else had forgotten turned out to be one of the most sublime sites on the Naramata Bench, with an incomparable view and a site that produces vibrant, aromatic and luscious Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir.

Our property spans 148 acres of hillside overlooking the village of Naramata. With arguably one of the most spectacular views in the Okanagan, every guest that sets foot on this site is awed by the majesty of the view, and the ruggedly beautiful natural landscape. Our aim is to share with our guests our delight in the beauty and bounty the area has to offer, while treading lightly and preserving the wilderness around us. This ethos is reflected in the care and attention to detail we put into our B&B, vineyard and winery, just as it is in the creation of our wines.